Scuba Gear at the Lowest Prices Manufacturers Allow!

Looking to buy scuba gear online? You’re in the right place. The Scuba Diver Store offers scuba gear at the lowest prices manufacturers allow! As experienced divers ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge of all the snorkeling gear and scuba equipment we offer. Whether you’re looking to buy a scuba tankfull face scuba mask or any other dive equipment online, we are happy to provide expert advice. Besides offering scuba gear online at the best prices possible, we also run a retail store in Milwaukee, so we actually answer the phone to take questions about the diving equipment and scuba accessories we carry. This leads us to the big question many of our online dive shop customers have for us.

Why no soft goods?

If you’re replacing an old item and you know the size fits perfectly, contact us and we’ll be happy to replace it for you. However, The Scuba Diver Store feels strongly about the importance of properly fitting dive gear like boots, wetsuits, gloves and hoods. Our dive equipment experts understand no two brands fit exactly the same, even when they are the same size. Like clothing, you really need to try things on before buying. We all know how frustrating it is to buy something online and have to send it back for a different size or brand. Rather than taking chances on what you think would be the best size, it is better to try the item on first. If you’re in the area, come check out our Milwaukee store to try the dive gear on for yourself or patronize your local dive shop for the perfect fit; if they are over priced then email us with the story including brand, model and size and we’ll get it for you at a lower price for sure.


Why only BCD’s with 2 tank straps?

We’ve used quite a few BC’s over the years, both personally and for training AND FOUND unequivocally that 2 tank straps are FAR BETTER than only 1. Reason is simple; the redundancy of 2 straps keeps the tank secure and if there is only one to rely on, it comes loose, you lose; sometimes quite literally. We’ve seen far too many tanks fall out of straps while diving. WE WILL ONLY SELL BCD’s THAT HAVE 2 TANK STRAPS.


Why only air integrated computers?

Safety is one of the biggest concerns when Scuba Diving and it is not as safe to use a Puck Computer that does not give you air readings. WE ONLY SELL AIR INTEGRATED COMPUTERS SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE FAR BETTER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE. You simply NEED to know your tissue gas saturation when doing multiple dives and only air integrated computers give you that. They are SLIGHTLY more costly, BUT FAR WORTH THE EXTRA PRICE.


Why only Environmentally Sealed Regulators?

Sealed First Stages are 100% the way to go. Unsealed First Stages let in freezing water, salt and dirt. If you have ever serviced the a First Stage, you would have seen all the rust, corrosion and dirt inside. Safety is one of the biggest concerns when Scuba Diving and any of these internal issues can make the internal parts fail in some way. WE ONLY SELL Environmentally Sealed Regulators SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE FAR BETTER than unsealed. Zero issues when your service technician sees the internal parts. They are SLIGHTLY higher cost, BUT FAR WORTH THE EXTRA PRICE.


Don’t go overboard on price

when you are trying to buy scuba gear online. Our online store makes it easy to get a great deal on scuba equipment. The Scuba Diver Store’s prices on dive gear are the lowest allowed by the manufacturers. Plus, there is FREE shipping on all scuba equipment within the lower 48 states. We offer the convenience and security of PayPal for your diving equipment purchases and also accept credit card payments online, over the phone, or in store.


Why only email to Contact us and rarely answer the phone number?

Of course we have phones and do talk to customers, but with the detail and complications of some inquiries we prefer the record of having email correspondence. Some customers don’t like it, but that is what we have found works best. At times we call after the first email, sometimes not. Another key reason is we travel to a lot of different time zones and really can’t talk the times a call comes in and quite frankly some of the staff that remains in the warehouse for shipping are not as knowledgeable as the owner, Dive Masters and Instructors that correspond via email.


Our online store has a return policy is the best in the business. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your scuba gear or you can return it for a full refund (see info on our returns & refunds page). In short, The Scuba Diver Store will inspect the returned item when it arrives back to us and as long as the scuba equipment has not been used and in original undamaged packaging, you will receive your choice of a full refund or credit towards any of our other products.


All of us at the Scuba Diver Store are committed to making your online scuba gear purchase as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our online dive shop customer service is second to none. Give us a try and see for yourself.


Contact us for great prices on all your scuba diving equipment! (Email us directly for information on building a custom package with multiple items and negotiating the best deal).


Email Offers Policy: We generally state that any online purchaser of ours agrees to receive periodic email offers from us, yet if they would like to unsubscribe from the email list they can do so via the link on the bottom of any email received.


Liability Disclaimer:

Prior to using any product(s) purchased from us you should determine the safety and suitability of the product(s) for the intended purpose. and/or the manufacturer assume no liability arising from the use or misuse by the consumer. Be sure you are trained to use any and all of the equipment you purchase.  Be responsible!


Disclaimer for products with Global as part of its name:

The word Global is used worldwide as a name or partial name for companies and/or products and is so basic and simple in its use and meaning it can’t be Copywritten. In the case of our products with part of the name listed as “Global” the following needs to be noted: We manufacture these items, not the old GMC of Milwaukee or Global Scuba of Texas. These parts are similar but made with better quality hose, gauges, raw metals, finishes, fittings, thicker plating, tighter machining tolerances and with engineering psi specs available. In early 2015 we were asked by a large customer of the old GMC to make a better product at lower cost, so we did. They were tired of non-wholesale markups of 100-275% that GSoTX increased prices to and poor quality parts, for instance as an example, cheap gauges from Romania. We now give you a far better product at a lower price, period. As with any of our products / brand lines, if you don’t see it please call and we’ll get it for you, which includes any “Global” part or product.