Dive Rite LX20


Dive Rite LX20 Handheld Primary Light with wrist mount



Technical Details:


Light output: 20,000 LUX


Beam Angle: 6 degree spot


Light color temperature: Apx. 6500 Kelvin


Batteries: 4 Lithium Ion rechargeable 18650, 3400ma protected-circuit


Burn time: 4 hours at high (20,000 LUX), 6 hours at low (13,000 LUX), 36 hours on strobe (20,000 LUX)


Mount: Quick release soft hand mount is included


Activation: Rotary magnetic on/off switch


5.8″ x 2.15″


1.25 pounds


Buoyancy: 8 ounces negative in water


Charge time: 9 from complete discharge


Depth rating: 500 feet


LED chip: CREE XM-L2 Cool White


Compliance: RoHS compliant


Made in the USA


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