Global 45310, Brass Flow Restrictor (Choose .025, .032 or .047″ orifice)


Option 1

O2 clean, heat sealed bag or not


6000 psi maximum service pressure and outlet pressure rating.


1/4″ NPT M/F ends.


-100 degrees F minimum operating temperature.


1.5″ x 7/8″


Brass (finish appearance is silver due to nickel plating for surface protection).


84 grams (choosing Aluminum over Brass is simply a weight and surface corrosion issue for the other spec’s are identical).


Time to fill a 50 CF tank to 2250 psi with 2250 psi upstream pressure:


apx 3 minutes (.047′ size)


apx 4 minutes (.032″ size)


apx 4.5 minutes (.025″ size)


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