Global 46150, 1/4″ NPT Priority Valve


O2 clean, heat sealed bag or not



6000 psi maximum.


300-5000 psi outlet pressure setting; range/adjustment range.


Prudent dive shops strive to maintain a low dew point in their scuba air and also achieve maximum life expectancy from expensive filter cartridges. However, air must be 99% dry before entering the chemical filters or neither objective will be met! To accomplish this, an after-separator and a priorty valve are required. The latter unit is an adjustable check valve which holds about 1700 psi of back-pressure on the filter system at all times. This raises the density of the air, increases the efficiency of the separator (100% or more) and thereby lengthens the life of the filter chemicals. The process is called pressure-drying. Preset at about 1700 psi.


Call for rebuild Kit


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