JW Fishers Pulse 6x Handheld metal detector


2nd only to the Top of the line “all metals” 8x hand held detector for land and water use, infact it can be upgraded to the 8x at any time. The 2nd most sensitive pulse detector available on the market today. The standard package includes a corrosion proof PVC handle for underwater use and an anodized aluminum handle for land use. The package also includes an underwater earphone, AC and DC battery chargers, a hip-mount kit for the electronics housing, a spare parts kit, and JW Fishers Search Team hat. See add on list for additional options.

Option 1


The same top quality construction as the 8x.

Shares many of the same features as the 8x, also can be upgraded to the 8x at any time.

Commercial Grade metal detector.

200 foot depth rating.


For the latest, up to the minute information on the 6x we direct you to the JW Fishers direct site for info:




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