Spare Air Xtreme Watersport Package 1.1 cu ft Kit, Model 100PK00327


Smallest model available at 1.1 cu. ft. Xtreme Watersport Package includes Model 100 & 974


Ever turn over in a kayak with a waterproof skirt so you can’t get out in the turbulent water? I have and I wish I had this for a few breaths before I was able to turn over. That panic feeling is not something I wish on anyone. (Wayne, CEO)


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Submersible Systems Spare Air Xtreme Watersport Package 1.1 cu ft Kit #100PK00327


Spare Air Xtreme with 1.1 cf tank


New vest easily straps on chest for hands-free breathing.


Perfect for kayaking, surfing or any water sport where a few breaths are needed in an emergency.


Submersible Systems introduces a safety product specifically designed for the extreme water-sport enthusiast.  The Spare Air™ Xtreme sport uses the same proven technology that SCUBA divers have used since the sport became popular.  Divers around the world have used Spare Air to perform self-rescues and to save others where only a few extra breaths are necessary to prevent drowning.


Spare Air Xtreme Watersport package includes:

The Original Spare Air Xtreme size – the smallest, most compact tank we make! Perfect for most water emergencies where just a few extra breaths will make the difference.

High performance Scuba regulator with DOT tested 3000 psi aluminum cylinder (approx. 20 breaths at the surface).


Black Neoprene Vest included that stows Spare Air Xtreme unit on your chest for hands free breathing! One size fits all – completely adjustable.


Filling Adapter Is NOT Included (Sold Separately)


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