XSscuba Surface Marker Buoy Rescue Kit


If you don’t use a BC pocket for something else this is an essential item to fill it with. We like that it has all the products you need. We suggest taking a wire tie and putting the Storm Whistle near the end of your inflator hose; I’ve had mine there for 15 years, use it underwater routinely and hope to not need it above water ever, but I have it!

Option 1


XSscuba Surface Marker Buoy Rescue Kit # AC090-OR , AC090-YL


  • Nylon lifting handle at the top.
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel D-ring at top for attachment of slate or small light / strobe.
  • Make yourself easier to find at night, crack the CHEMICAL LIGHT and attach in the elastic holder at the top of your SMB.
  • Real SOLAS REFLECTIVE TAPE (don’t trust your life to silver colored silk screen) fifteen square inches of it. Located at the top of your SMB, on both sides.
  • The COMBO INFLATOR is located at the same level as your head. Use it to add more air as needed by oral inflation or from your BC QD hose.
  • Your DIRECTIONAL COMPASS is mounted to the SMB at about eye level. When you’re back on dry land you can tell the 20/20 crew the direction you were drifting, before you were rescued (remember to hold the compass flat when taking a reading).
  • OPV – Over pressurization valve / manual pull dump prevents rupture if over filled. For storage, start at the top of the SMB and roll down. Use the OPV, located at the bottom to release any remaining air.
  • Built-in MESH POCKET to store your buddy connect webbing, chemical light, storm whistle and rescue flash mirror.
  • High quality SNAP CLIP manufactured from nylon and stainless steel to secure to the diver.
  • The NO-SPILL BOTTOM uses a internal baffle to be self sealing. For filling underwater, just purge your octopus below the bottom opening. The baffled bottom will prevent air from dumping or taking on water when it hits the surface.
  • Step-thru the 18” WEBBING HARNESS to add to your surface buoyancy, maintain the SMB upright and keep the SMB next to you. Place one leg through the harness to keep the SMB near you, upright and increase your buoyancy.
  • Make some noise, up to 130 dB! Your SMB includes a STORM WHISTLE, the loudest whistles in the world. Be heard up to a half mile away.
  • Durable nylon mesh carry bag. Convenient drawstring closure. Carry your complete RESCUE KIT.
    Be seen! Your SMB includes a RESCUE FLASH SIGNAL MIRROR. Reflect sunlight from mirror to boat, aircraft, land, etc…
  • Use aiming hole for correct positioning.
  • Use the 10’ long BUDDY CONNECT webbing to keep yourself and your buddy together. Easy snap attachment to the 1.5” stainless steel D-rings located at the bottom of SMB.
  • Compact storage size of 8” length x 3” diameter and 1 pound weight (approx).




    Fill by purging your octopus below the NO-SPILL BOTTOM
    Push the end of your standard BC quick-disconnect hose against the COMBO inflator
    Push with your lips against the COMBO inflator and blow


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