XSscuba XTR Extra Air System


This is the complete isolated backup Rescue System.

Option 1


XSscuba XTR Extra Air System


  • The complete back up system includes:
  • Mini Tech Gauge
    • 0  to 5000 PSI
  • Compact 1st stage


  • Highland DIN direct inlet
  • Simple flow-by piston design

Pro Valve #VX200-30N-VI w/Safety handwheel

DIN Cap #HL401 to seal water out of your first stage


  • Cylinder choices:
    • Aluminum 13 cubic feet, neon yellow
    • Aluminum 19 cubic feet, neon yellow

    Pony Mount, Highland #HL409 (which does include the buckle pad to prevent tank scratching).

  • MIFLEX Hose


  • SIZE: 40″
  • COLOR: Neon yellow
  • Altair 2nd stage
  • Low profile octo
  • Built-in attachment clip
  • 90 degree adapter #AC910 swivels for use by diver or buddy


  • Primary tank cylinder/valve and BC strap not included




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