Assembled Hose Whips

Global 45078 Pigtail Hose, 2 foot with #4 JIC female swivel ends


A 2 foot hose with #4 JIC female swivel ends for connecting #45077/45079 tees with a looped manifold. 5000 psi service, 20000 psi burst pressure.  1/4″ ID Thermoplastic hose.  2″ minimum bend radius.  Other hose and end configurations available upon request.


MSRP $39.90 $33.92

O2 clean, heat sealed bag

Global 56160, Air Filler Device: Choose length. Email or call to order ANY other length, we can make any length.

Call with questions. We use 3/16″ for flexibility and a commercial air end fitting. As you can see this consists of an air chuck, hose and scuba yoke. Designed for medium pressures, air flow MUST be controlled by cautiously opening the tank valve. For emergency filling use only; every day use may cause the filler end to ware out prematurely.

MSRP $79.90 $51.91